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Where Are Your Feet Pointed?

Where are your feet pointed?

What are you doing?

Are your feet engaged with what you are doing?

...what you just did?

...or what you are about to do?

Notice your feet... positioning your feet squarely in front of what you are doing will assist you in being more present. Being more present will assist you in living in the now. Living in the now will assist you with focusing on what you are doing and where the now is taking you. Knowing where the now is taking you can be most useful when you arrive.

* "Footnote" :D My "Blue Footed Boobie" socks (as my hubby refers to them) are something I wear a few times a week to keep my toes from encroaching on one another. Decades of loving my high heels had my toes all scrunched up and overlapping... these socks fixed 'em!

A good foundation is worth taking the time to cultivate; your feet are your foundation, physically and symbolically.

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