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Magdalene the Dragdalene
and Me!

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If you have found this page, chances are you have read the story

FOKUS POKUS! Magdalene the Dragdalene Saves the Humans! 

in the best selling, multi-authored book:

Creativity Is... Whatever You Want It to Be.

Magdalene the Dragdalene and I are excited to invite you

into our magical world!

You will find the illustrations to that particular story below...

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Magdalene and the

Magdalene finds the PASSION STONE as she digs through her cupboards and boxes to find all the ingredients for her project. She knows that all humans have a passion deep inside of them, and she knows that the passion stone will ignite it!


What is your passion? Click here to let us know!

Mr. Crow gifts his heart...

Mr. Crow gives Magdalene his precious heart of stone to be at the center of Magdalene's project. 

Share your project with us here!

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Magdalene's Sculpture!

Magdalene is pleased with her sculpture!

Show off your project progress here!

Professor Barnes wants to know WHOOO and HOOOW!

Professor Barnes quizzes Magdalene about her plan...

Whooooo is it for? Hooooow will it work? 

Do you have a mentor, or someone you can talk to about your special projects? How do they help you?


Tell us about them here!

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Ms. Mel brings her famous cookies to the party!

Ms. Mel, the Town Crier, brought her favorite cookies to the party! 

Do you have a favorite cookie?


Tell us about them here!

Celebrating with Sir Pokus!



Everyone agrees! The humans are worth saving!

Sir Pokus draws what he wants; he can see what he wants clearly in his mind, then he draws it on paper, then he thinks about how it will feel to have it...

What are you visualizing? What is your process?


Share with us here!

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