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Magdalene the Dragdalene Makes Her Debut!

This week has been a busy week for Magdalene the Dragdalene as she makes her debut! She has been excited to meet you and has been doing her best to keep up with her popularity ever since she made her debut in the book Creativity Is... Whatever You Want It To Be! The book consists of several short stories, submitted my various authors. Her story is titled "Fokus Pokus! Magdalene the Dragdalene Saves the Humans!"

Magdalene the Dragdalene is my best friend, and together we have the most exciting adventures! We used to hang out at the office, go to meetings, and advise students at the university; now we hang out, make energy art, and teach others all about energy management!

Magdalene's story is all about how she plans assist the people of Earth in innerstanding how their personal energetic engine works, so that she might save the planet. She creates a sculpture that will assist her in teaching the concepts to the humans. She wants everyone to innerstand how their energetic engine works to create reality; she knows that once people learn how to work their energetic engines, they will be able to create a reality where she, her friends, and all the humans can co-exist in peace and harmony.

We hope you enjoy her story! You may view all of the illustrations to the story by selecting Magdalene the Dragdalene in the menu above. Please let us know in the comment section below.

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