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About Me

Thank you for visiting! 

My name is René DeAnda and I'm really good at process analysis and improvement, so when I heard about the Law of Attraction I had to know how it worked. 

I've learned that it might be as simple as focusing on what you want, and getting it; however, it isn't always that easy.


I've learned that we are electromagnetic beings; we emit an electromagnetic frequency which seemingly pulls cooperative components to us. Learning how to emit certain frequencies on purpose, is analogous to learning to steer an automobile.

For over a decade I've been exploring our energetic bodies and how they work. 


I've learned it takes an entire toolbox of techniques to maintain a frequency at which you can continuously manifest positive things in your life.

I've learned that our energetic bodies work 24/7, whether we know it, or not. 

I've learned that I am resonating with my reality, whether I like it, or not.

I've learned that manifesting your desired reality is more about physics than it is esoterics; I've learned that your desired reality is already there.... you just need to tune in to it, to see it.

I've learned that anyone who knows the formula, and implements the tools, can do it - anyone.

Education, Certifications and Experience

Coach/Advisor/Mentor 2001 - Present

I coached, advised and mentored adult students for 20 years. I am now expanding my gifts to the general public. Please feel free to view my LinkedIn page for reviews from my previous life as a student coach / academic advisor.

Reinventing the Body; Resurrecting the Soul * 2018

Certificate of Completion

Transformative Workshop

Facilitated by Deepak Chopra

Paramount Wellness Institute * 2017

Instructor's Certificate

Holistic Stress Management Instructor's Training

Trained with Dr. Brian Luke Seaward

Source Energy Healing * 2017

Reiki II 

Aurora Mental Health Center * 2013

Mental Health First Aid Certificate

Regis University * 2008

MA Process Analysis and Improvement

René DeAnda: Creative Compiler of Cooperative Components
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My Philosophy

InnerstandU!, LLC exists because I want everyone to know what I know about creating your most desired reality. I want people to know that they are creating 24/7 and most just don't know it. 


To cognize concepts and ideas internally;

to really get it,

so much so, that it becomes a part of who you are.

This is important to me because I almost lost everything dear to me over an addiction. 

I almost lost it all; my son, my marriage, my career, my health, my life, my soul.

I recall sitting in a parking lot, watching a lady walk in and out of a convenience store; her clothes were fresh and her hair was combed, she didn't look around with anxiety oozing out of every pore... she was simply NORMAL. She wasn't doing anything special, but she appeared to be 'normal' and I longed for that feeling again.


Little did I know that addiction was driving my personal engine, and was running me into every obstacle it could. Now I INNERSTAND that the desire to be 'normal' again was the beginning of becoming who I am today. Once I began focusing on being 'normal' again, the cooperative components began to align, and I began to learn how to drive my own engine. 

Today, I am still far from 'normal,' but the addiction is far in my rear-view mirror (well over a decade now), but my clothes are clean and presentable, and my teeth are brushed!


The gratitude I feel while writing this is overwhelming!

Once I learned HOW the Law of Attraction worked, it was easy to focus my attention to creating the reality I desired. It was clear to me from the beginning of my wellness journey that I would be teaching others how to move forward, and how to CREATE WITH PURPOSE!

I sought out the education I felt was necessary to teach what I knew, as there really weren't many others teaching it at the time.


I earned my Master's degree in Process Analysis and Improvement because I love to analyze systems, and I view the Law of Attraction as a system. Even though I minored in Psychology, I took a Mental Health First Aid Workshop to brush up, I was also attuned and became a certified Reiki II practitioner, and finally, I became a certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor, under the direction of the world renowned Dr. Brian Luke Seaward. 

If YOU are ready to INNERSTAND the innerworkings of your electromagnetic body, and YOU are excited to see your cooperative components align, then book a session with me to jump-start your journey!  

How exciting!

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