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Meet René

René DeAnda is an international best selling author, a personal energy management coach and an energy artist.

"Integrating energy art with innerstanding how our energy bodies operate, is what I enjoy the most. I love to draw and explain, draw and explain!"

René offers one-on-one personal energy management sessions, as well as a comprehensive energy management workshop. 

The personal energy management sessions are intuitive, one-on-one sessions geared towards getting you from where you are, to where you most desire to be. Book a FREE, one-time, 15-minute session today!

The comprehensive, hands-on, online, transformative workshop is designed to introduce you to your energy body, to familiarize yourself with it, to experience how it feels to steer your energy with purpose, and how to maintain it. Knowing what to do with your energy body assists you in creating the reality you most desire. You can get an outline of the course in this FREE Energy Art Picture E-Book! 


Although she takes her coaching and courses very seriously, René is also the creator of MAGDALENE THE DRAGDALENE, her fun and carefree alter-ego!


You will find the illustrations to Magdalene's debut story in the link above, along with a link to her best selling story. Feel free to participate in the community questions!

René also offers her Energy Artwork in the Energy Art Store; her art can be printed on posters, canvas, metal, or on phone cases, pillows, tote-bags, and more!

In joy! ♥


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Collaborate with me to discover, and re-member, parts of your SELF that have been long forgotten, and abandoned.


If you have already done some of this work, and are ready to move forward with your spiritual, educational, or career-related journey, we can collaborate on next steps and creating your NEXT!

Spiritual Journeys

Discovering Your NEXT!

Rescuing Prior Selves

Relieving Stress & Tension

Sparking Self-Confidence

Regaining Control